10 Travel Moments to stir your Wanderlust.

In 18 months of travelling one can gather a lot of memories and a LOT of photographs. A question I am asked often is, “Which is your favourite country that you’ve visited?” There isn’t one. When you travel you cherish moments and not always a place. So it got me thinking if it was possible to pick one moment and say, “That was it. That’s the one”. But of course there isn’t just ONE! The moments I remember are the ones I never planned. Those that were not in my itinerary from weeks of planning. The moments that captured me by surprise and stopped me in my tracks.

So, here are my 10 best unplanned travel moments (in no particular order) to stir some serious wanderlust in you.

1. Singapore

Escaping the chaos of Chinatown to discover peace and serenity right in the middle of Β it. This prayer wheel in the roof top garden of the Buddha Tooth Relic temple in Chinatown, Singapore.

FullSizeRender 73.jpg

2. Italy

Enjoying the full on hospitality of a Tuscan vineyard with the best beef ragu in the entire universe served with home made penne and lashings of parmesan from the farm.


3. Croatia

Climbing up a dark and narrow stairwell in the Old Town of Dubrovnik to stumble upon this view of the ancient city.

FullSizeRender 74

4. Switzerland

Hiking to the top of Niederhorn mountain and spotting clouds cascading down mountain tops like a water fall.


5. Sri Lanka

Waiting for my lunch to arrive only to discover that it’s been served on a lotus leaf. Gasping at the purity of it all.


6. London

Enjoying a cocktail overlooking the Thames and Tower Bridge opening to let a boat pass. A childhood dream realised without getting stuck in traffic.


7. Qatar

Eating dinner while elevated 50 meters above the city with “Dinner in the Sky” in Doha, Qatar.

8. France

Capturing one of the most photographed landmarks in the world as if I were at a village fete. Looking at you Tour Eiffel, Paris.


9. Morocco

Walking around the medina in Marrakech and wondering if I will wake up from this dream. Red walls and riots of colour everywhere. Take me back.

FullSizeRender 7

10. Thailand

Zipping through traffic on a motorcycle taxi and witnessing the pomp and pageantry which precedes a Muay Thai fight at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium, Bangkok.

FullSizeRender 75.jpg

You booking your flights yet?

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