Courtesan – Bigger, Better, Later.

When you live in a city as diverse as London you soon learn that there is a list of pulsating, uber cool, queues out of the door, “you’re not on the list” venues that simmer just below the surface. They give this city its edge. BUT you have to be in the know.

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Bubbledogs Hot Dog Challenge 2017.

Happy Fifth Birthday Bubbledogs!

It was champagne and hot dogs on Monday 4th September to celebrate the fifth birthday of Bubbledogs – the brainchild from Sandia Chang and James Knappett of Michelin star restaurant Kitchen Table fame.

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Mixology and the art of Cocktail Making in London.

Cocktails and Dreams

Fridays evenings are best spent in good company and preferably a few cocktails. So I was super excited when Adventure Connections invited me to a cocktail master class in London.


I arrived to a warm welcome at the Revolution Bar, America Square on a busy evening. The masterclass was set up in a private room and we were ready to roll. I and other fellow bloggers were in the capable hands of two cocktail masters who were not only knowledgable about alcohol but pretty adventurous when it came to mixing flavours.

Cosmopolitan or Nothing

Images courtesy of Revolution Bar

We learnt to create three different cocktails – a Cosmopolitan, a Blank Canvas and everyone’s favourite Long Island Ice Tea. Each recipe was expertly taught by the cocktail masters. The evening took us through the art of mixology with introduction to the various types of mixing as well as quantities, flavours and colours. Sampling and sharing each other’s creations was all part of the fun.

The most fun however, was getting behind the bar to battle it out in the team games where we competed to create the cocktails in the fastest time. Not only did I learn a few new trick to impress house guests but I had some serious fun! So, thank you Adventure Connections for a wonderful evening!




Sundowners at Gong – Shangri-La, London at The Shard.

Drink with a View

There are few places that can boast a view of London as spectacular as The Shard. As a Londoner through and through, I don’t say this lightly. So when I was invited for cocktails at Gong at Shangri La at the Shard I thought about it for about a millisecond and agreed. Gong is located on the 52nd floor of the Shangri La Hotel which makes it the highest cocktail bar in London. Needless to say, the view from up here is the stuff of urban dreams.

So what do you serve your guests when you are competing with THIS view? It takes years of searching, tasting and creating – a real labour of passionate love. The result? A  collection of vintage champagnes, rare wines and an especially concocted menu of cocktails so carefully considered that their theatrical presentation is only surpassed by their taste.

The Director’s Cut

Skipping champagnes and wines (reluctantly) I was keen to sample cocktails from The ‘Director’s Cut’ to end a long working day. This is a menu of 16 cocktails and 4 mocktails inspired by the greatest film directors known for their love of story telling. There are no  ”shaken not stirred” drinks served with an olive here. Each cocktail is an experience  in itself sending you on a sensory journey of ecstasy.

Fear the Jungle

The first on my list was the fabulously tropical “Fear the Jungle”, inspired by the master of awe Steven Spielberg. The description of this cocktail was so intriguing that more than anything else, I wanted to SEE it. The mix of banana, pineapple skin sherbet and lime is the ultimate energiser. However, what makes for a killer combination is Peru’s national drink of Barsol Quebranta Pisco and Xocolatl Mole which comes from the shores of Mexico. It is served in a terracotta container with bamboo straw covered in ivy. A real scorpion nestled in the ivy reminds you there’s a sting in it – perfection.

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Bullet Proof

The next drink on my list was “Bullet Proof”, inspired by Francis Ford Coppola. Imagine the aroma of this blend of single malt Chardu (12 year old) Scotch Whiskey, Italicus Bergamot and Spanish Oloroso Sherry bonded with liquid smoke. The rich golden colour of the drink against the setting sun simply added to it’s allure. Served in a glass with a rose gold bullet on the side for extra impact I couldn’t stop smiling at the thought of so much attention to detail being paid to a cocktail – exactly how it should be. The taste was smoky, light and warm making it perfect for sipping over a long evening. I couldn’t think of a better drink to end a day.



As I mentioned earlier, there are 20 cocktails in all in this menu. Whilst I encourage drinking responsibly I also encourage tasting all the cocktails on separate visits. The space here is wonderfully intimate. The staff are immensely attentive, witty and hilarious. I hadn’t laughed so much in a long while! The view is incredible as the sun begins to set over the Thames – this is London at it’s wonderful best. Make a reservation if you want to secure yourself the best view. I always maintain that food and drink should be accompanied by two things – a great view and good company. I got both here.