Addison Lee joins Girl Travels World and Coconut Tree, Oxford for a truly Sri Lankan supper club



It’s only Wednesday and already this has been an exciting week; England is through to the quarter finals of the Football World Cup, the count down to London Pride has begun and my first ever supper club takes place in Oxford tomorrow evening. I have collaborated with the independent Sri Lankan restaurant chain The Coconut Tree to present a delightful evening of Sri Lankan food. To top off this grand news I can now announce that the world’s largest managed premium car service Addison Lee will provide all the transport for my event. So this will indeed be a truly relaxing Sri Lankan evening. It’s such exciting news that I wonder if weeks to follow might ever live up to this.

Girl Travels World

I was born in Sri Lanka and spent a part of my childhood there. It’s a deeply ingrained part of my being. Growing up on an island means you adopt basic survival skills early on. For example, you learn quickly that fruit only grows in-season and you must enjoy it now or wait a whole year. So when it came to food I developed my five senses naturally. Now, later in life, it serves me well in my path as a food and travel writer. I know that naturally good produce takes time and patience to grow. I honour that fish is caught by men in boats who go out to sea before dawn and also that anything cooked with love tastes infinitely better.

The Coconut Tree

The evolution of The Coconut Tree restaurant is a similar one. It starts with five Sri Lankan boys (Rashinthe, Mithra, Praveen, Dan and Shamil) living in London relocating to Cheltenham. They needed somewhere to live and found a place above a vacant English pub. Very quickly they recognised the potential of their new home. As such, each evening after their day jobs, they began shaping what would later become an award-winning chain of relaxed-dining Sri Lankan restaurants. Tried and tested family recipes from Sri Lanka were adopted, hand-made furniture was shipped over and a range of botanical cocktails were developed to create the warm hospitality typical of a Sri Lankan home. Just like that, the very first Coconut Tree restaurant was born. A second site in Oxford soon followed with a third due to open in Bristol later this year.

Addison Lee

Addison Lee car.jpg

The best news of all however, is that Addison Lee , the world’s largest managed premium car service, will provide all the transport for the event. I needed to find a way to transport a group of London-based journalists to Oxford and was delighted when Addison Lee stepped in to help. If you want to book your journey with them just as easily you can download their free easy to use app and enter promo code HELLO10 and enjoy £10 off your first trip when you pay by card. How amazing is that?!


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