Late night zip lining might be the most fun you have this summer


Adrenalin junkies and extreme adventurers were two phrases that came to mind as I looked up at those whizzing down the zip wire, side by side, faster than I could blink. However, I looked around and could see people in chinos, starched shirts, midi skirts, flares and even a jumpsuit amongst those queueing up to zip line over Archbishop’s Park, Lambeth. Given that over 30,000 riders took the leap last year there is little doubt that this adventure is for everyone. Welcome to Zip Now London‘s 35 meter high zip wire. Given that it’s open until 8.30pm even on school nights late night zip lining might well be the most fun you have this summer. There are three wires in total so if you wanted to zip with your pals that is now entirely possible. In fact, several did this; I guess friends that zip together, stay together.

Safety first

Zip Now takes safety very seriously. I counted at least six checks and cross checks of my safety gear before I got anywhere near the zip line. First, my weight was measured, then I watched a safety video, a locker was provided for my valuables and only then had my safety harness and helmet fitted. It was another two cross checks later that I walked across the park and up to the tower ready to zip down. So allow yourself at least 40 minutes for the experience from safety video to zip.

The view

The best thing about urban zip lining is that you can enjoy a new perspective on the city you live in. The everyday familiar landscape will be transformed at this new height. As you soar through the sky you’ll catch a glimpse of the Parliament and London Eye provided you’re not screaming with your eyes closed (now I’m not suggesting that I did that).

The mega drop

At the end of the line is the optional Mega Drop which is a new experience that has been added this year. It’s a free fall drop to the ground from the top of the second tower at the end of your zip. It squeezes that very last ounce of adrenalin left in your system after you’ve travelled at 50kph through the air.

Late nights and last chance

Due to its popularity last year Zip Now London will be open from 12 noon until 8.30pm every day from now until September. However, this will be London’s last Zip Now experience as it sadly moves on to pastures new. So make sure you book your tickets early. Adult tickets start at £22.50, children’s tickets are £16.50 and family tickets cost £50. There are also group packages available if you’re celebrating with friends.

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Zip Now is located at Archbishop’s Park: