Bhutan | Why Blue Poppy Tours & Treks is the local knowledge you need

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It’s fair to say that a land as mysterious as time requires the knowledge and knowhow of one who knows it. In my final instalment of Bhutan I look at Blue Poppy Tours & Treks, set up by Choki Dorji. The company specialises in bespoke tours of the Kingdom. With offices in London and Thimpu the tour operator focuses on cultural, trekking and special interest tours such as bird watching and textile trips for independent travellers. Such is their commitment to personalised service that Blue Poppy will arrange requests such as private meditation sessions and home-stays.

Bhutanese owner and director Choki hand picks local guides with expertise in each field. He takes great pride in the personal and tailor made aspect of his tours. Choki’s philosophy and humble beginnings have seen the company grow from just himself and his wife to 30 employees in Thimpu. Choki has this to say of the company’s ethos and success:

“Blue Poppy was set up towards the end of 2004 with huge help from my wife.  I would say that the ideas I have learned from her and from living in the western world have helped me to build a successful business.  I have learned many things by living in the UK, such as how to think for the future, be efficient and how to provide service to others and this is how we extended our business and we now have Blue Poppy PVT. Ltd which is a holding company for other tourism related businesses as well.”

Eastern tour - Weaving
BHUTAN, Eastern Bhutan Ranjung: woman weaving in her grocery shop. ©Josef Polleross


In 2009 Blue Poppy partnered with a travel marathon agent to develop the first marathon in Bhutan. It’s still held annually with around 160 local and overseas runners. The company has also helped develop an exciting trail running experience which attracted runners from around the world.

Blue Poppy has continued to grow steadily in its 14 years; from 80 clients in 2006 to over 650 in 2017. It is now in the top 20 list of local operators by number of clients. It sits at number 15 out of 300 by number of nights tourists spend in Bhutan; a credit to its quality of service.

With unparalleled local knowledge and a triumphant journey of personal transformation Blue Poppy Tours & Treks offers wanderers an opportunity to unlock the secrets of an intriguing land. You can rest assure that it will be the most splendid isolation you will ever experience no matter if you’re *chasing angels or fleeing demons in the mountains.




For more information visit: Blue Poppy Bhutan



*Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.
― Jeffrey Rasley, Bringing Progress to Paradise: What I Got from Giving to a Mountain Village in Nepal