Shangri-La London launches new cocktail menu at Gŏng Bar


It’s October and we’re finally allowed to utter the C-word. Yes, it’s cocktail season and we’re ready to indulge. London’s Gōng Bar has taken this readiness to dizzying new heights. The bar’s new cocktail menu entitled A Miscellany of Inventions was unveiled just in time for the festive season.

It’s an acknowledgement of the incredible innovations that have impacted society and transformed the world we live in today. A total of 18 cocktails follow the journey of inventions which changed the course of humanity; an ambitious undertaking as well as an unusual one.

A Miscellany of Inventions is divided into five categories; floral and delicate, fruity and citrusy, bitter and sweet, punchy and long finish and non-alcoholic. My favourites of the menu included Director’s Cut (pictured above) which celebrates the birth of the motion picture. Served with buttered corn it combines Don Julio Blanco, elderflower and lime. Cooperman which is an aperitif with fruity notes honours the invention of the barrel; Nikka single-barrel Whisky, Ginjo sake infused Mastiha with melon and citrus make for a supreme cocktail.

The creation of the menu has been a labour of love for head bartender Christian Maspes and his team. He says of the new menu,

The cocktails bring to life inventions that have been real breakthroughs. It is hard to imagine the world we know today without screwdrivers and computers, and movies and guitars. Creating a new invention is like taking a leap of faith and being open to the possibilities and the same goes for the creation of a new cocktail. We really enjoyed bringing our ideas to life and we look forward to entertaining our guests with our unique creations.

For those with a more adventurous spirit there is also Look no Hands which celebrates the invention of the bicycle. The drink combines Copper Dog Whisky, triple sec, an IPA reduction and Fernet-Branca and is served complete with a bamboo bicycle.

If you’re Sober for October you might try La Dolce Vita which is one of the non-alcoholic options. With flavours of  coconut milk, halva, grapefruit and lime blended  to create a creamy and zesty finish it’s a fitting tribute to the creation of gelato.

As London begins to shift gear for the holiday season Gōng offers a fresh approach to the new season. Being the highest hotel bar in Western Europe, with unparalleled views across the city, it invites us to change rhythm in graceful refinement. Combined with Shangri-La’s exquisite hospitality it’s surely a call we must heed. Who would we be to resist?



Gōng Bar is located at: Level 52, Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, London SE1 9QU. For more information visit:

Theatre in the Clouds – exclusive plays at Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard

Revels in Hand, Actors Mark Donald, Henry Gilbert, Greer Dale-Foulkes, Melanie Fullbrook, Lucy Eaton, at Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London (Photo credit Tomas Turpie)

After an indulgent, record-breaking summer, if we ever needed a reason to look forward to warm, cosy autumn evenings in London, Shangri-La Hotel has just awarded it to us. From 9th October 2018 – 31st January 2019 the hotel will offer performances of short plays in the privacy of its exclusive suites. As such, the aptly named Theatre in the Clouds, raises the bar in luxurious escapism. Theatre, arts and entertainment in London, as we know them, have thus been restored to the pinnacle of its beginnings.

I was thrilled to be invited to an evening preview at Shangri-La Hotel’s most exclusive signature suite the Shangri-La Suite. Spellbound by the view, through floor to ceiling windows, of River Thames curving its way around London’s treasured icons St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London and Tower Bridge, I took my seat. Champagne and canapés flowed freely setting the scene for a double bill of unforgettable performances.

Hands Across the Sea

The comedy Hands Across the Sea, one of ten short plays of the Tonight at 8.30 series, written by English playwright Noël Coward, was first. This slightly adapted version was a pitch perfect choice for the lavish setting. The plot, spun around the characters’ valiant attempt to mask absent mindedness with British politeness, floated effortlessly to the end. I was so gripped that I hardly blinked. Melanie Fullbrook thrilled as giddy Lady Gilpin. In the absence of a traditional setting I was mesmerised by a riveting performance of an exceptional cast.

Revels in Hand, Actors Freddie Hutchins, Lucy Eaton, at Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London (Photo credit Tomas Turpie)

Ways and Means

Ways and Means, set in 1930s French Riviera, was second on the bill. The audience was ushered to the bedroom and we took our seats around the bed. Lucy Eaton and Freddie Hutchins were an heiress and her gambling husband, on the verge of overstaying their welcome, at a friend’s villa. This delightful comedy was a fitting finale presenting a cycle of unfortunate events with a gleeful ending. Lucy Eaton and Freddie Hutchins simply owned dysfunctional marital bliss.

Revels in Hand

Private theatre company Revels in Hand provided the entertainment for the evening. Lucy Eaton, Melanie Fullbrook and Freddie Hutchins set up the bespoke theatre company after meeting at Cambridge University. Proving that immense risks are the only ones that ever pay off, the three actors set about reviving a practice which had died out since Shakespearean times; performing to intimate gatherings in private homes. A pastime favoured by 16th – early 17th century aristocracy there was little guarantee that it would work in modern times. Bringing the theatre to one’s home may seem extravagant an idea. However, unadulterated entertainment has proved to have universal appeal as Revels in Hand have so far performed in drawing rooms, polo fields and even private yachts around the world. How fortunate for us that Shangri-La Hotel has collaborated with the company to bring this unparalelled experience to London. It’s an autumn event not to be missed.






Performance schedule for Shangri-La at The Shard: 9th October 2018 – Hands Across the Sea and Ways and Means (Nöel Coward), 8thNovember 2018 – Bell, Book and Candle (John Van Druten), 6th December 2018 – Voice of the Turtle (John Van Druten), 31st January 2019 – Voice of the Turtle (John Van Druten)

Tickets, including two glasses of Champagne and canapés, priced £85 can be purchased here:

An overnight stay including breakfast and show package based on two people sharing at £685 per person can be purchased here:

Shangri-La Suite is located at: Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard, London SE1 9QU

Summer by the River is all drama this August

London’s Open Air Theatre Season is set to return to the heart of the capital with new adaptations of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and King Arthur.

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London Bridge has a brand new local bar

IMG_4537London Bridge has a brand new, swanky local bar with all the hallmarks of a good place for a drink; swinging atmosphere, great service, wonderful drinks and very good food. Let’s not forget the location; 31 Thomas Street. It’s the closest bar to London Bridge station and if you’re walking by you won’t miss the buzzy atmosphere through the floor to ceiling windows. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s another among many. Here’s the thing; this is no ordinary bar. It’s Shangri-La’s Bar 31 created by the locals for the locals. Here’s what that means for us.


IMG_4521All the produce for the menu comes from neighbouring Borough market. Expect the best; rice Buddha bowls with egg and kale, pickled avocado, Vietnamese avocado rolls and daily specials such as spiced chicken wings and shepherds pie. It’s world cuisine on a plate via Borough Market. I had the Vietnamese avocado rolls and pickled avocado when I attended the opening and they were sublime. With quality local produce and a menu curated by none other than chef Daniel Mcgarey their sharing plates are nothing short of spectacular.


For drinks Shangri-La has flexed it’s giant sourcing muscle and gone as far as…their doorstep. (I did say the bar was local). Beers come from Bermondsey Breweries, Hiver Brewery and Anspach & Hobday. Bermondsey Distillery’s Old Tom gin and a whole host of cocktails and Champagnes have also made the cut. A sure-fire summer hit might well be their homemade lemonade followed by an ice cold glass of rosé.


Want to know who provides the live music on Friday and Saturday nights? Buskers. London’s finest street singers from Bermondsey to Piccadilly Circus have been scouted for Bar 31. On opening night we were entertained by Sherika Sherard, Piers Dashfield and Tim Cronin who’s soulful renditions were the perfect backdrop to a beautiful evening.


As a Londoner, I can tell you that Bar 31 is as good as London gets. It’s in the heart of the city at an iconic landmark, is a great spot for meeting-up and perfect for showing visitors to London what the city is all about. A mesmerising piece by graffiti artist Mr.Cenz greets you as you walk in, the atmosphere is relaxed and the service is flawless. Add to this Shangri-La’s commitment to the local economy and you’d have to agree that Bar 31 is a credit to London.